Review Policy

Review Policy

The following provisions apply to all users who post or submit a user generated review. You hereby agree to the following provisions:

Rights To Post Information:

You give Ahlookin the right to post any information you provided to us about your review, that would assist others in making an informed decision.

Reservation Of Right To Remove Or Not Allow A Review:

Ahlookin reserves the right to not allow a user to submit or post a review on this Website.

Non-Confidentiality Of A Review:

Unless otherwise agreed, any information sent on a review will be treated as non-confidential.

Responsibility For The Review:

The writer of the review accepts all responsibility for the review they submitted. You hereby agree to indemnify from any claims that results from your posting.

Adherence To Laws:

You will not post anything that encourages persons to violate our laws and the laws of their local, national, or international communities.

Use Of The Reviews:

By posting reviews to Ahlookin, you agree to grant us permission to use your review in the way that best suits our needs. You therefore agree to give Ahlookin the necessary permission to reproduce, display, translate, and distribute your review, on a free basis.

Conflict Of Interest:

You agree that you are not reviewing your own service. You should not be the service provider, an employee of the service provider, or have any other relationship which could be viewed as a conflict of interest.

Competing Relationships And Interests:

You agree to inform Ahlookin of any competing relationship before any review. You agree that your review will be honest and truly representative of the service provided.

Ownership Of Content:

You agree that the contents of your review do not contain any copyright, trademark, or licensing infringements. The content of the review should not knowingly encroach on another person’s intellectual property.

Ahlookin reserves the right to not post reviews or remove reviews in the following cases:

  • Spam: If your posting is not a review of the respective service, it will be treated as spam.
  • Advertisements that have not gained the appropriate approval
  • Defamatory remarks
  • Profanity, vulgarities, or obscenities
  • Reviews that represent a conflict of interest
  • Violation of the Law

The above provisions are subjected to change from time to time.